About our Company

To ensure compliance with international standards of inspection at the highest possible level.

About Company

Welcome to Standard Arabia

Standard Arabia Inspection Co. Ltd has been established at Al Jubail – Saudi Arabia as a Third-Party Inspection, Training, Material testing, NDT & certification provider with branches at Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu, Jazan, Shuqaiq, tabuk, Turaif & Bahrain.

By providing modern Inspection and training solutions, Standard Arabia seeks to create an environment where everyone can equally reap the benefits of an efficient and secure workplace.

Standard Arabia focuses on maximizing business value and operation efficiency by supporting your core business values through dedicated customer service, teamwork and commitment.

Our services run on a customized ERP module designed specifically to ensure security, prevent duplication and reduce paper work. Our certificates are system generated and utilizes a 2-level authorization process before being released to the client.

We use unique QR codes, tamper proof inspection stickers and online verification to assure the authenticity of our certificates and cards. The system also enables clients to view a complete history of all equipment inspected and reminders can also be set up to highlight upcoming renewals.

Our services guarantee total compliance with international standards and affirms the mechanical capacity of the machinery.

We offer high quality interactive training programs at customer sites, rigs and at our in house training facilities at Al Khobar, Jubail and Manama.

“To promote an effective safety culture”

A safe and efficient work site requires a foundation based on technical knowledge and safety awareness. We are committed to the concept of lifelong learning and promotion of safe work practices.

We are certified and equipped to conduct trainings on a wide range of topics, and aim to ensure that the programs are formulated to meet the specific training needs of our clients.

“To ensure compliance with international standards of inspection at the highest possible level”

We are committed to supporting a fair and socially responsible market economy, as well as upholding the basic principles of Inspection and certification. We follow ASME, BS and OSHA standards as our guidelines for the services we provide.

It is our goal to minimize and control the negative impact of compromising on safety assurance at all levels.