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Third Party Certifications
Standard Arabia is only training centre in the kingdom to provide registered safety professional certification (RSP) from IBOEHS, USA

Standard Arabia is TVTC approved training centre

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In today's fast growing business environment, the need for high quality inspection practices is critical. We believe that a responsible approach towards hazard elimination supports productivity and ensures the safety of where we live and operate.

Established in Al- Jubail, Standard Arabia aims to grow into a leading provider of inspection services in the Kingdom. We aim to bridge the gap between technical advancements and regional work culture to achieve compliance with international standards. 

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Standard Arabia specializes in providing technical assessment for a wide range of Industrial lifting equipment and NDT. With a dedicated team of inspectors, we are committed to providing a genuine solution to our clients.

Equipment Inspection 

Certification for Heavy Machinery and Lifting Gear.


Quality control solutions

Safety Outreach Program

Operator Certification and  Safety awareness.
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Our traditional business model is based on our experience and drive to assure quality and safety on all our work sites. There is a great need for International levels of inspection which blend into the current work culture and cause minimum hindrance to the progress of the project.

We believe, the code of Ethics and Business Conduct is our guiding factor. No business can achieve its full potential without regard for the right conduct and we strive to enforce the same in our internal affairs as well.

Safety and efficiency are group endeavors and we are individually responsible for upholding the integrity of our business. We promote awareness and educational campaigns among employees toward the goal of eliminating risks that create hazards.